About us

We are the sister company of  'I Got You Babe Weddings', founded by Lilli Waters.


Over the years, Lilli found herself wishing that she could photograph ALL of the beautiful couples that wrote to her wanting to capture their special day, but realised she only had so many cameras she could hold. So, she created a little agency called I Got You Babe & Co., a team of hand selected creatives who specialise in weddings, and who share the same emotive approach of whimsical, romantic & timeless  photography feel with the I Got You Babe aesthetic. 

Our family of photographers is not only a collective of experienced wedding photographers who are mighty fine at what they do, they are all unique & bring their own special touch to the story telling of your day. Their photos represent you as your most vulnerable and authentic selves. Evoking the warmth between you and reaching through to your true characters, our photographers capture a 'real' representation of who you are, together.

When you look at your wedding photos years down the track, we want you to be able to relive the feelings and whirlwind of emotions that made up the whole day, those crushing hugs, giant smiles, silly faces, impressive dance moves, beautiful tears, and remember how full to the brim with love you both felt.

Lilli and The Team @ IGYB & Co.