Frequently Asked Questions


Who are 'I GOT YOU BABE & Co.'?


IGYB & Co. was founded by Lilli from I Got You Babe Weddings. Over the years, Lilli found herself wishing that she could photograph ALL of the beautiful couples that wrote to her wanting to capture their special day, but realised she only had so many cameras she could hold. So, she created a Collective, a team of hand selected creatives who specialise in weddings, and who share the same emotive approach of whimsical, romantic & timeless  photography feel with the I Got You Babe aesthetic. To ensure that the I Got You Babe look is not lost, all imagery is edited & processed in the studio in the same way. I Got You Babe & Co. photographers are super talented artists, and most importantly, they love to shoot weddings just as much as Lilli does.


How do we book you for our wedding? Can you pencil in dates?


If one of us is available for your wedding and you're all ready to go, we'll send you a booking form, which you can have a read through and pay the $1100 deposit, and your booking will be confirmed. The balance is due four weeks before your wedding date. 


We are getting married in Country Victoria. Do you have any travel fees?


If the location is less than 1 hours drive from our location, there is no additional travel fee. If we finish late and cannot drive home that night, we ask for a nights accommodation.


We are getting married Interstate. How much does it cost for you to travel?


Travel costs may vary, depending on where we are both located in the world at the time, but it's usually return airfares from where we are based, 2 nights accommodation, a hire car, and any extra fees like uber-ing to and from the airport. All travel arrangements are booked by us.


Can we meet on Skype before booking?


If you're keen on sharing a cuppa & a banter over Skype or on over the phone before the day, whether it's before you book or close to the wedding day to to discuss any details you'd like to go over, we'd love to have a chat about your plans! 


do make fancy wedding albums or 'Art Books'?


Yes. These books are gorgeous to hold, to feel, to sit down & look through whenever you want to treat yourself to the the memories of the best day ever. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Art Books are a beautiful way to tell the story of your day. These books will last a lifetime and will be cherished by your family for generations. They are a truly special thing to have. Your photographs should be printed, not kept hidden away in a drawer, and with archival ink on fine art paper, there are over 90 varieties of book cloth & linen covers to choose from, including a gorgeous new Japanese Linen Range. All books are hardcover and feature flat-lay seamless spreads. Your Art Book is 10" 10" and features 38 spreads with 100 of your favourite wedding images, all beautifully pulled together in a unique design to tell the story of your day, to revisit any time you like. You can see some here. There are discounts on fine art books and prints when you order with your wedding package. 


Can you provide custom 'Thank You' cards for our guests & can we order Fine-Art Prints through you?


You most certainly can! Any size you wish is available. Standard size Fine-Art prints can be ordered through your online gallery, but if you're after a custom size, please just let me know. There are discounts on pre-purchased prints with your package. We can provide fine-art matte paper stacks of your favourite prints, and custom 'Thank You' cards with your personal message printed on fine-art matte paper for your guests.


We are shy in front of the camera & feeling a tad nervous about having our photo taken.


Yes we know how you feel, we are the same. Usually people forget we are there after the first half an hour. We shoot documentary style for most of the day, and for your portrait session, we simply take a stroll, and our aim is to catch you in the most natural way without over posing, sometimes we will offer direction and we’ll go around together looking for beautiful spots, but we're interested in catching the ‘in between’ genuine giggles, quiet romantic moments & letting you just be yourselves. We don't like to interfere in the natural flow of things. 


How do we go about planning our portrait session?


We like to leave around an hour for your portraits, as this allows enough time to capture you with your bridal party (if you have one) as well as some nice quiet time alone with each other (which most couples appreciate). The best time we have found to plan your portrait session is to count backwards from the time the sun sets, around an hour & a half, or make it during ’the golden hour' and into 'the blue hour' which are our favourite times of day to take photos (you can find yours here.) Avoiding the bright sunny outdoors, especially in the more summery months before 6pm is always a good thing (otherwise shade will need to be found), and making sure we don’t miss the light completely, before 5pm for winter weddings. If leaving your guests at the right time light wise is too difficult to co-ordinate due to daylight savings or clashes with other happenings, even just taking 15 minutes to go for an evening stroll close by is enough to get those ‘magical light’ images of the two of you, and we promise you won’t regret it. If there’s no sunset, a stormy sky is just as good, perhaps even better. And don’t worry your little heads about rain, a large brolly is always very romantic. 


Can you help us with our timeline?


We will more than happily guide you :) Our rough recommendations for Ceremony times is ~ for 'daylight savings' ~ around 5pm (to avoid brightness, heavy shadows, extreme heat, flies, squinting, sweating guests & good timing for your portrait session afterwards), & for 'non daylight savings' ~ around 2:30 - 3pm (to make sure we don't end up in the dark for your portrait session!) 


Do you supply us with the RAW files from the day?


Unfortunately we don't, sorry. The love, time & care that goes into every individual image as part of the post processing is just as significant as the capturing of the day itself, and defines the end product that you receive. Without this, the images would not be what they are.


Apart from family photos, do we need to provide you with a ’shot’ list of the images we want?


As documentary wedding photographers & lovers of candid beauty, we find that we work best capturing what we see in front of us & keeping it real & honest, looking for the real stuff rather than following a 'shot’ list and then potentially missing unexpected moments that may perhaps only be there for a few seconds & that we would hate to miss. We are lovers of the little details that you’ve gone to great efforts to create, as well as the bigger picture, and will work our butts off to make sure that the magic is captured. 


Do you have insurance and back-up gear?


Yes, and yes :) 


Which package should we get?


After many years of shooting weddings, we find that any of our collections cover the day nicely & gives you a beautifully rounded collection of images, from the getting ready nerves & giggles, through to one of our favourite parts, the ‘hugs’n’kisses’, all the way through to your guests getting a bit loose and maybe evben capturing your Nanna having a good ole’ boogie on the dance floor. If you’re unsure of what you need, let’s have a chat! 


Do we need to feed you dinner (or lunch)?


Yes please! We tend to get quite the peckish by the time dinner (or lunch) time comes around after running around, so a meal always goes down nicely. We like to eat at the same time as your guests, as it means that we won't risk missing any speeches or other important bits.


Do you believe that same sex couples should be allowed to get married?


Very much so. Hopefully all people in love will be able to marry each other anywhere in the world very very soon. 


Do you have a second shooter?


Yes, a second photographer can be available for $500 and is recommended for weddings with guest numbers over 100 and winter weddings when it gets dark earlier to ensure nothing is missed. 


What gear do you use?


We use a variety of different cameras, mostly Canon Mark III's with Canon Prime lenses. 


What if we can't find our question here?


We're always here to help — just drop us email and we'll get back to you.