I would say I’m a very nostalgic person and this is at the core of why I love photographing weddings. I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the smiles and beauty of people can be fresh, alive, and meaningful to others for years to come.

I've recently moved from Perth to Melbourne which I've been looking forward to for awhile. Those old Melbourne terrace houses really float my boat so I’m itching to spend lazy afternoons strolling the beautiful streets, exploring and enjoying the cooler weather! Let’s be honest, having pale skin of the English rose variety means I’m prone to getting burnt to a crisp in the endless Perth heat.

Other fave activities...brunch with friends, fostering kittens, admiring antiques, yoga, catching that last drop of golden afternoon light, UberEATS, music festivals, hiking, swooning over well designed interiors and binge watching 'How I Met Your Mother episodes.