I’m a mother of three, and a wife to the most generous, loud talker I know.  I’m a wedding and family photographer, but I really like to think of myself as a story teller. I’ve always been quite a curious person (some might say nosy), but this has come in handy, because more than anything, I’m curious about life! I’m not big on small talk (it can actually make me feel awkward) but get down into the nitty gritty of what makes you tick and I’m all ears! And, as it happens, that’s the stuff that I Iove to shoot.

When I’m not telling stories with my camera I’m making school lunches, eating homemade muesli, drinking coffee, herbal teas, smoothies or sparkling wine, trying to be a yogi, dancing with my children, and dreaming of travelling.  My husband says I complain about the weather too much, which is why we’ve recently made the sea change to the beautiful Northern NSW coast.  I can’t wait to tell the next part of our own story.