I’m a wanderer, a people-watcher, a bit of a film buff, I get lost in my thoughts too often, I’m a dog person, my last name is Russian for wolf, and I value honesty above almost anything.

Originally a music photographer, I love working with creative minded, non-traditional people, anywhere from DIY backyard parties, intimate at-home sessions to adventures out in the forests and mountains. 

On the day I’ve often been told that I feel like another guest present. I’m unobtrusive, quiet, observing the day as it unfolds. I love authenticity and I’ll do anything that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. I only seek the genuine moments. I love quiet intimacy. I give gentle directions if needed. 

I’m determined to give you something to look back on beautifully in years to come. I hope I can offer something a little different in a time where it’s so hard to pick a photographer.